Simplify Your Purchasing And Control Corporate Spend

Manage purchases, track expenses and run reports online from anywhere.

All your purchasing needs in one easy-to-use platform

Say goodbye to maintaining multiple spreadsheets and creating manual reports. Appika centralised purchasing and document management provide consistent data and help enhance your supply chain & inventory performance.

Fast Purchasing Approvals

Real-time approvals with flexible workflows enabling quicker delivery of products & services.

Accurate Costings & Reports

Accurately capture all of your transaction data to gain full visibility across suppliers, stocks and spend.

Save Time, Save Money

Eliminate manual tasks, standardize purchasing processes, reduce expenses, and focus on what matters.

Gain control and visibility of your procurement processes

Make informed decisions before approving the purchase and simplify all your processes end-to-end, on a single, integrated cloud platform. Appika purchasing software enable teams can easily follow procurement process through customizable approval routing, implement proper controls to ensure teams are making appropriate purchases from approved vendors and product catalog.
Simplifying purchasing

Centralize purchasing documents flow

Appika's purchasing software brings all your purchasing needs in one centralized system to automate and speed up your entire purchase ordering process. With Appika purchasing, you can create, approve and manage all your requisitions, POs, goods receipts and invoices in one place.
purchasing process

Simple. Powerful. Flexible.

Automate and scale your purchasing process with sofware that puts you in charge. Manage your day-to-day purchasing and gain control over your spending with Appika purchasing software.

Purchase Dashboards

Easily track orders, activities and purchasing trends through your personalized dashboard.

Customizable Approvals

Create and assign order to salesperson.

Vendor/Catalog Management

Onboard, maintain, manage vendors, product catalog and track purchases.

Serial / Lot Tracking

Track the journey an inventory item takes through your facilities to the customer.

Partial Receipt

Manage delivery, perform complete or partial receipt of goods.

Zero Data Entry

Perform quote revisions, merge multiple quotes into one order with one click.


Sell in multiple currencies and expand your cross-border trades.


Receive and transfer goods from multiple warehouse locations, monitors inventory levels and sends out alerts.


Pick and receive products using multiple unit of measurements.

Custom Workflows

Easily deploy dynamic routing workflows for requisitions and POs to reponse to business rules change.

Custom Fields

Instantly assign custom fields to purchase document header and lines.

Attach Files To Document

Effortlessly attach files and images to document for easy referencing.

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